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A Service of Love to Thousands
of Catholic Priests

  • Opus Bono Sacerdotii (OBS) is the only lay organization of its kind that assists Catholic priests with difficulties that require the aid we offer.
  • We turn no priests away who need our help when we can help them.
  • OBS has been a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in existence since April of 2002.
  • Our mission is to love Jesus Christ the High Priest. We fulfill our mission by manifesting our love for Christ in serving each priest individually. We focus on each priest's unique needs and loving him unconditionally.
  • OBS is funded by individual donations. We charge no fees for our assistance to priests.
  • All of the aid that we provide priests evolves as each situation dictates the type of assistance needed given the resources available


Eligibility for Services

All validly ordained Catholic priests who are not ministering in a schismatic situation or who desire to be in union with the Supreme Pontiff are eligible for support.

Examples of our Services to Priests:

  • Monthly grants for basic living expenses ($50 to $150 per month per priest) this financial assistance covers food, lodging, transportation, medical needs like prescriptions, auto insurance, and other necessary living expenses.

  • Emergency funding for special circumstances like missed mortgage payments, rent deposits, emergency health care, etc.

  • Support for priests in prison including personal visits, writing and receiving collect calls from priests in prison; funding for necessities like long underwear in the winter, snacks, radio or TV sets, etc. (from $100 to $400 annually); providing spiritual materials like the Magnificat, the Liturgy of Hours and Ordo, Liturgical Desk Calendar, and other materials.

  • Legal support including referring priests to criminal, civil and canon lawyers in our network; paying for legal fees and expenses for lawyers and associated costs (funding for legal fees is raised separately from the annual budget); escorting priests to court and in the public arena when their protection is at risk; accompanying them during penal procedures like booking, house arrest, incarceration, or any court ordered discipline; appearing in the media to assist the defense team; providing safe housing during court proceedings.

  • Interacting with Bishops and the Holy See by attending National Bishops' conferences (twice a year in the US); visits with the Vatican Congregations; individual communication and visits with bishops; regular communication and updates to the Holy Father.

  • Communication with priests experiencing difficulties and empathizing with them; consoling them in their time of crisis; responding in a timely manner to emails and letters; sending birthday cards and anniversary cards for their ordination; funding travel for them to visit our offices and Our Lady of Priests Chapel where they can experience first-hand our love and concern for them; in some rare cases, "suicide watches" for priests in grave despair.

  • Fidelity Fraternity Forever is a confidential member-only on-line community for priests experiencing difficulties and desiring to network with brother priests in similar circumstances for fraternal support and encouragement .

  • Job search assistance.

  • Financial advice and credit counseling.

  • Facilitating spiritual direction and psychological counseling to competent orthodox spiritual guides and professional Catholic psychologist or centers.


© Copyright 2002-2010 Opus Bono Sacerdotii, an IRS approved 501c3 corporation, all contributions are tax deductible in the USA.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the site.